We offer a wide range of services, from complete home inspections to general maintenance such as gutter cleaning and sprinkler repair –  and like to keep it simple. We make sure you are never surprised by the fees you are charged, and get exactly what you pay for. Get a full inspection for your new home, or find out more about the home you already live in.

Comprehensive Package

The Nuts and Bolts of a Complete Home Inspection, this is a thorough Evaluation of the Home.

A Home is more than just a Roof over your head. A Home is a complex “System” of interdependent units that work in Harmony to keep you Warm, Safe and Dry in an Efficient Manner. A properly Designed, Built and Maintained Home will do just that. Unfortunately, Designs can be flawed; Builder Skills vary; and many Homes are simply not properly maintained. It is critical to have a Keen Eye to help Identify how the “System” functions as a whole, and the possible ramifications associated with a failure. For example, something as simple as a Leaky Gutter can lead to Roof Damage and Foundation Failure. Knowing what to Look for is Paramount.     

Sugarhouse Inspections is Your Keen Eye to Help identify Potential Issues with your New Home. We are Trained to Inspect the Home as a “System.” An Experienced, Knowledgeable Inspector will Ensure your New Home is Safe and Sound – We Guarantee it. From the Crawlspace to the Chimney Cap, We Provide You with a Detailed, Complete and Concise Inspection.

What’s included:

+ Roof System
+ Full Exterior
+ Basement, Foundation and Crawlspace
+ Heating & Cooling Systems
+ Plumbing
+ Electrical


+ Fireplace
+ Attic, including Insulation Evaluation & Venting
+ Doors, Windows & Interior
+ Grounds & Drainage
+ Indoor Air Quality Test each Level

Know the house

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Consultation / Single Point Inspection

When you have questions concerning a specific issue in your new or existing home 

Oftentimes, problems manifest within a new or existing home that require getting to the root cause of the problem. Problems such as moisture related issues and plumbing / electrical issues can be a real thorn in the side and tricky to diagnose – We know this – as we, too, are homeowners!

In an effort to provide Homeowners with a service to help identify and remedy such issues, Sugarhouse Inspections offers a Single Point Inspection / Consultation. We will come to your house and work with you to help identify the problem and create an action plan to get your house back up and running as it should!

As always, talk is FREE! Give us a call and we may be able to help work you through your problem over the phone.


Flood Mitigation Inspection

A full inspection of the exterior drainage system and interior water systems. 

Just about everyone I know has had to deal with the horror of a flooded basement at some point – self included! It can be minor, but oftentimes it requires major cleanup and renovations to mitigate the damage.

Water damage is either the result of internal or external factors. Sometimes the damage happens over time, such as a leaky kitchen drain or water valve, and sometimes it is sudden – such as a failed water heater, or a clogged gutter downspout that dumps hundreds of gallons at your foundation. Regardless, it is almost always a disaster. The good news is most of these causes are preventable – they simply require due diligence on the part of the homeowner.

Externally, It is simple to check your gutters every so often – are there leaks or clogs? Do the downspouts have extensions to drain the water at least 6’ from your foundation? Additionally, is your sprinkler system properly tuned – do any of the heads spray onto the house or windows?  Are there any broken or exposed pipes?

Internally, it is important to look under your sinks and check for leaks – valves corrode and go bad, and p- traps get damaged and leak. The water heater is another thing to keep your eye on. If your water heater is over 8 years old, you should consider replacing it. Additionally, check the expansion tank – they fail with time, and sometimes burst. 

Sugarhouse Inspections & Services offers a “Leak Lookout” Inspection, which focuses on the prevention of the horrors associated with a wet basement. We have saved many homeowners in the Salt Lake area countless headaches and associated repair costs. We will come to your house, do a complete inspection of the aforementioned items and others, in an effort to identify possible problems and educate you about what to look for in the future. We are friendly, knowledgeable and affordable – We are your neighbor! 

Call today to schedule, and keep the water where it belongs – out of the basement!   

As always, talk is FREE! Give us a call and we may be able to help work you through your problem over the phone.


The Works

Make sure you know everything about the house you want to make your home

Nobody Like Surprises. The Works Package goes a long way to avoid just that – Surprises. This package begins with the Comprehensive Package and includes Methamphetamine Testing, Mold Testing, in addition to Radon Testing and a Solar Evaluation. This is the package for anyone that lies awake at night wondering – What If ? With this full, extensive inspection, you will sleep soundly knowing your New Home has been exhaustively evaluated for these Hazards. The Works Inspection saves you $185 from the ad hoc pricing! 

Ad Hoc Services

A properly designed and maintained sprinkler system is critical to maintaining your landscaping during the Summer months in Salt Lake. It is important to keep your system running smoothly, through system inspections and adjustments, in an effort to keep water away from your house and onto your lawn and plants.  Sugarhouse Inspections is experienced in sprinkler design and maintenace – We can help! Call today to schedule an evaluation / system inspection, or if you are in need of repairs or system upgrades, and we can keep your home dry and your plants and lawn green and happy!


Radon gas is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that may be harmful to humans. The amount of radon in the air is measured in picocuries of radon gas per liter of air, or “pCi/L.” While any radon exposure creates some risk to health, the EPA considers a level of 4 pCi/L or higher dangerous and recommends that you take remedial measures to reduce or eliminate radon.

The good news is that radon remediation is usually a simple, low-cost procedure that is highly effective at reducing radon to a safe level within your home. The first step, however, is to identify if the home has elevated levels of radon. If you do not test, you will never know! Sugarhouse Inspections utilizes calibrated detection units to perform a reliable 48-hour exploratory test to identify if your new home has elevated radon levels.


Utah is a great state to take advantage of the clean and renewable energy of the sun. As a result, Photovoltaic Systems are becoming more commonplace in Utah, as homeowners take advantage of the many sun hours available in our state. A PV system  can increase the value of your home, lower your power bill, and help keep our precious air clean!

A properly installed PV system requires monitoring and occasional maintenance in order to perform optimally. Sugarhouse Inspections is knowledgeable of Solar technology, proper install practices and how to keep your system running smoothly. If your new or existing home has a PV system installed, we can help evaluate your system and identify any issues that may affect maximum production.



Just because it looks safe….


Mold spores are everywhere. But, certain types of mold in a home can have adverse health effects. Sustained moisture levels and other conditions can lead to the presence of mold. The only way to detect if harmful mold is present is to test for it. Sugarhouse Inspections provides testing services to help identify harmful mold conditions within your home.

Start Your Path to Peace Of Mind

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